James Dalrymple is a CELTA-trained English-language teacher at the Université Grenoble-Alpes, France, and who Рsince 2006 Рhas taught in public and private sector environments in the USA, South America and Europe.

With a background in arts publishing and a doctorate in British literature and visual culture, James Dalrymple teaches both degree-level students of English and lifelong learners, including trainee teachers. He publishes research in British literature, cinema and television, and blogs here on using visual media and music in the language classroom.

The lesson suggestions here are mostly intended for building vocabulary and generating discussion in the ESL/EFL classroom, and as a platform from which to launch creative tasks for students. There are few comprehension exercises as such – the goal in these activities is to engage learners, inspire them and get them to interact. Rather than “off-the-peg” lesson plans, they are are more outlines of what one could do with the material, along with some personal reflections on the content chosen.

As of July 2019, I have also decided to post here content not necessarily related to ESL/EFL lesson planning, notably reviews and reflections on things of cultural interest to me.

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